Looking for a creative partner to help you grow your business?

My name is Frédérick Tubiermont.
Just call me Fred.

entrepreneur as a service call me fred


entrepreneur as a service call me fred


entrepreneur as a service call me fred


EaaS = Entrepreneur as a Service.  

I’ve been a professional hustler for the past 20 years, in all sorts of ventures, ranging from selling black & white logos and monophonic ringtones (I know, it’s been a while) to running my own family circus (yep, with 4 red and yellow tents). I ran a fintech startup, organised corporate events, produced rock bands, promoted concerts, ran 3 live venues, wrote 3 books, headed product for a VC-backed startup, co-founded adsy.me and StickPNG.com.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve designed 24 WordPress websites in 5 languages for clients located in 8 different countries, set up countless lead generation campaigns and CRM applications, managed communities in 3 languages, I’ve taken care of SEO/SEM in a variety of niches and generated EUR 15+m worth of sales for a construction company, mainly via Facebook advertising. Who would have thought you could sell houses via Facebook ads?

If you have an exciting product / service to promote, let’s get in touch!

The way I’m working. Straightforward, data-driven creativity.

I charge an affordable monthly retainer fee: £2,000.
Minimum contract = 3 months. It entitles you to my commitment for 3 days per month. I have a maximum of 8 simultaneous clients, in non-competitive fields. I’ll provide actionable insights & deliverables in: branding, product design, customer acquisition / lead generation, sales, CRM, SEO/SEM, community management, on- and offline advertising. 360°.

I manage your advertising budget through your accounts. No extra cuts. I suggest a minimum of £50 per day which will be spread between a variety of channels, depending on your project’s specific needs. If our collaboration requires a SaaS subscription or any other expense, you’ll simply pay for it at your end, no hidden fees. I’ll frequently update you with rich data reports and will adapt my work accordingly. I believe in agile tactics more than in rigid strategy.

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