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The quickest way to find out what keywords a domain ranks for

If you’re following my blog, you’ve probably read that I’ve tested most of the SEO services on the market: Ahrefs, Semrush, Spyfu, Moz,… These tools are great if you want an in-depth view of a domain’s organic footprint to craft your own SEO strategy. But what about a quick glance? At the bus stop…  read more…

How to send an automatic reply to the users commenting your Facebook posts?

Engaging with your Facebook community is key to getting leads from your social efforts. If you publish quality posts on your Facebook page which prompt a lot of (positive) comments, you should interact with those users. But we all know that it’s a pain to manually interact with every commenter when you receive hundreds of messages per week. Here’s how to send an automatic reply to people commenting on your Facebook posts. read more…

The #1 key for efficient outreach campaigns

Outreach campaigns are a great way to build quality backlinks which contribute to search rankings, and also to generate prospection lists for lead generation purposes. But what’s the #1 key for efficient outreach campaigns? read more…

Add Typeform statistics to a business dashboard

By default Typeform will provide you with aggregated stats of visits to your forms and unique submissions. It’s great to get an overall sense of what’s going on but sometimes you need to know how many submissions you get on a daily basis, especially if you want to calculate the ROI of your advertising spend. Here’s how to add Typeform statistics to a business dashboard. read more…

Automatically pin content to Pinterest using a WP plugin.

You’re active on Facebook, on Instagram, somehow on Twitter. But how about Pinterest? If you have great visual content to share, I strongly advise to consider Pinterest in your social efforts. But the process of manually pinning content to your boards can be time consuming. If you’re running a WordPress website, there’s an easy way to automatically pin content to Pinterest, using a simple premium plugin. It’s called Pinterest Automatic. read more…

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