3 keys to effective programmatic account based marketing

keys for effective account based marketing

Programmatic account based marketing is a recent trend in B2B marketing which consists in focusing on a curated list of accounts with data-driven online campaigns, to lead influencers and decision makers into the sales funnel, from awareness to purchase.

There are 3 keys to effective programmatic account based marketing: data, content and automation.

quality data programmatic account based marketing

Quality data is crucial for programmatic ABM

You need first-party or third-party data to create your prospecting audiences, which will be called custom audiences on Facebook, remarketing audiences on Google and matched audiences on Linkedin. There are two main sources for quality data: email lists and pixels. Plug pixels (Facebook, Google (via GA), Linkedin) on your site as soon as possible to start collecting first-party data (do not forget to display a GDPR-compliant banner for the use of marketing cookies). You can also install a plugin like Albacross to get a real time view on the business executives visiting your site (Albacross gives you the possibility to run ABM campaigns straight from their dashboard).

Data processing doesn't stop at the initial targeting. You should set up a system to collect data from the ABM campaign itself to dynamically adapt the journey of the prospects, based on their engagement with content pieces. This is why engaging content is crucial since it will help refine your data, in a virtuous feedback loop.
quality content programmatic account based marketing

Engaging content is essential for programmatic ABM

Content (blog posts, videos, infographics, white papers,...) will be the main destination of the successive steps of your account based marketing campaign, nurturing your leads all along their discovery journey, from a broad presentation to a narrower - more surgical - offering. Ideally, the whole content package should be ready before you start publishing the first display ads and sending any email outreach.

Since B2B marketing is, by its very nature, a long multi-touch process, you will need a lot of content pieces to cater for the specific needs of your targeted audience, much more than a handful of blog posts and quotes. Think about the breadth and depth of your content.

smart automation programmatic account based marketing

Smart automation fed by realtime feedback enhances the effectiveness of programmatic ABM

Smart automation goes beyond the usual 7-day drip in campaign. There should be multiple paths in your automation's decision tree, determined by the specific journey of each prospect. Your conditional logic should be ready before you start collecting the first leads at the top of the funnel. Once they're inside the matrix, it's very difficult to manipulate the engine.

If you need help in setting up & running a programmatic account based marketing campaign, feel free to reach out.