5 resources to find the most popular searches, trending topics and websites

Some resources to find popular searches on Google

You might be carrying out research around a new business idea you've been playing with for a while. Or brainstorm to find your next Youtube video topic. Or look for the next big hit.

Here are 5 tools you can use to find the most popular searches, trending topics and websites on the WWW.

1° an essential Chrome extension: Keywords Everywhere. 

It's an amazing tool which will display the average monthly searches for a specific request next to the search query in Google Search, Youtube, Amazon, Google Search Console, basically everywhere you'll get a search box. Along with the average monthly search volume, you'll get an estimate of the pay-per-click cost for each search term on Google Ads and a competition index (from 0 to 1). An absolute must-have for anyone creating online content.

nice tools popular searches keywords

2° another (video-centric) Chrome extension: VidIQ.

This Chrome extension will display a lot of valuable data right inside Youtube.

You'll get statistics for all the videos and channels you will browse as well as a detailed estimate of the monthly searches for all the search queries typed into search bar.

See for instance the info displayed for CANON EOS M50 (one of my photo cameras). My screenshot is in FR but you'll get the point.

You see the amount of monthly searches on Youtube (535,714), the maximum amount of views for a video coming up in the search results for this query (553,659) and the average amount of subscribers for the channels featuring a video coming up in the search results (175,467). All the data you'll get from VidIQ can help you pick your Youtube video topics as well as give you unexpected ideas for Youtube-based businesses.

most popular searches vidiq

3° a platform giving you all the data you'll ever need about Youtubers: Socialblade.

Socialblade is the absolute must-have for anyone active on Youtube. You have plenty of free info available on their platform. Top lists per country / topic, detailed stats about each Youtube channel, etc. A great way to evaluate opportunities, search for influencers, etc.

Here's the latest data (Dec 6th, 2018) for Youtube's most popular star, PewDiePie

pew die pie top searches youtube trending

4° the #1 tool to find out what's trending on Spotify: Chartmetric 

If you have a professional interest in music, it's essential to know what's trending on Spotify.

Using Chartmetric, you'll have a detailed view of the amount of followers per artist, their most popular tracks, other artists followed by their fans, etc.

Chartmetric is an amazing tool for A&R research. You never know who could be the next Adele ;-)

See for instance some data for an amazing Belgian artist, Angele. On Dec 6th, 2018, she's ranked 5308th globally as far as Spotify followers are concerned. Her dans also listent to Clara Luciani and Fishback. Interesting insights ;-)

trending artists Spotify


5° a pretty accurate tool to evaluate the amount of daily visitors for a specific website: Myip.ms

There are multiple use cases for Myip.ms, incl. searching for the most popular Shopify-powered websites.

I use this simple tool on a daily basis to evaluate the amount of daily visitors for specific websites. Myip.ms algorithm is based on Alexa (Amazon) data. For most of the tests I carried out, it was pretty accurate compared to the data I had from certified Google Analytics reports. It's a great tool to use when you're evaluating a business idea (will it resonate with an audience?) or when you're being offered premium advertising on a (hot) web property.

Here's the data you'd get for Canva.com (a top 200-250 web property with 1.7M+ daily visitors!).

canva myipms alexa figures