Add Typeform statistics to a business dashboard

Add Typeform statistics to your business dashboard

By default Typeform will provide you with aggregated stats of visits to your forms and unique submissions. It's great to get an overall sense of what's going on but sometimes you need to know how many submissions you get on a daily basis, especially if you want to calculate the ROI of your advertising spend. Here's how to add Typeform statistics to a business dashboard.

Thanks to Zapier, I've just discovered a very affordable business dashboard engine, Cyfe ($14 per month if paid annually). It allows you to create unlimited dashboards with unlimited widgets, which can be shared via password-protected URLs (and also displayed in "TV mode").

I've added Google Analytics, Facebook, Facebook ads, Google Adwords and other services KPIs to my clients' dashboards. You can set the period displayed for each dashboard (last 30 days, last week, customised period, ...) and export the dashboards in jpeg or PDF, which you can brand with your own logo.

Besides default integrations to a wide range of services, you can create your own custom widgets. I've used the PUSH API widget to increment a simple counter each time I receive a Typeform submission. The API endpoint is triggered via the last step of a Zap I've configured on Zapier.

add typeform statistics to a business dashboard
add typeform statistics to a business dashboard
add typeform statistics to a business dashboard

In this example my Zap creates a contact in Active Campaign, adds a note to the contact and triggers Cyfe's API. From now on my Cyfe business dashboard will show Typeform submissions in real time, in a graph displaying the total of submissions for each day.