Facebook auto reply bot: how to reply automatically to the comments on your FB posts?

Send an automatic reply for Facebook comments - automation

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If you're looking for a Facebook comments autoresponder, keep on reading. 

The automation solutions listed in this article will tell you how to reply to Facebook comments using Facebook Messenger, via a chatbot connected to your Facebook page. It does not work for comments on private posts on your personal profile page. The chatbot will automatically send a private message to the commenter. Then you'll be able to engage in a one-on-one conversation.

Here's a direct link to the service providers listed in this article. They will all enable you to generate auto replies to comments on a Facebook post.

CHATFUEL - official site (get a 50% of on your first Pro month)

MANYCHAT - official site

MOBILEMONKEY - official site


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Engaging with your Facebook community is key to getting leads from your social efforts. If you publish quality posts on your Facebook page which prompt a lot of (positive) comments, you should interact with those users. But we all know that it's a pain to manually interact with every commenter when you receive hundreds of messages per week. That's why you need a Facebook comment autoresponder (not to be confused with an "auto commenter", which would be against the TOS) .

How can you send an auto reply to comments on Facebook? 

To automatically reply to Facebook comments posted on your Facebook page you have to connect a chatbot to your Facebook page. There are multiple providers offering this auto reply feature. In this article, I will describe the procedure for 3 chatbot providers: Chatfuel, Manychat and MobileMonkey. 

How To Set Up Auto Reply To Users Comment On Facebook

There's a UX advantage to auto replies sent via a chatbot. They will be received as private messages. So it won't look spammy in the comments thread. 

Auto reply to Facebook comments with CHATFUEL

This feature is available for free at Chatfuel, in the GROW section: acquire users from comments. You can choose to reply with a private message for all comments on all posts or comments for a specific post matching a rule.

Auto reply to Facebook comments with MANYCHAT

This feature is also free at ManyChat.

It's located under GROWTH TOOLS. The cool thing is that you can limit triggers to first-level comments only (which excludes replies to comments). You can also exclude keywords (e.g. to avoid reactions to trolling messages) or restrict triggers to comments with specific keywords (nice tip = ask fans to comment a post with a keyword to enter a contest).

reply to facebook comments manychat

Auto reply to Facebook comments with MOBILEMONKEY

If you're using MobileMonkey, another chatbot builder, you can also respond automatically to comments on all your posts or on specific posts via a feature called FB Comment Guard, available in the free plan.

automatic reply to facebook comments on a page
automatic reply to facebook comments on a page