Automatically pin content to Pinterest using a WP plugin.

Automatically pin content from WordPress to Pinterest

You're active on Facebook, on Instagram, somehow on Twitter. But how about Pinterest? If you have great visual content to share, I strongly advise to consider Pinterest in your social efforts. But the process of manually pinning content to your boards can be time consuming. If you're running a WordPress website, there's an easy way to automatically pin content to Pinterest, using a simple premium plugin. It's called Pinterest Automatic.

It's very easy to set up. Simply install and activate the plugin, then go to SETTINGS, type in your Pinterest email address & password (BTW, I advise you to have different passwords for the various networks to avoid being exposed if one of them suffers a security breach).

automatically pin content to Pinterest

You can choose the board to which you'll automatically pin content. And the post type you want to pin when you hit PUBLISH. In this example, I chose to automatically pin Portfolio items.

automatically pin

You'll notice a new frame in the sidebar of the selected post types. You can choose which image  will be posted to Pinterest (here the plugin suggests both the image inside the post & the featured image, which in my example happen to be the same because of my portfolio's structure).

The nice thing about pinning to Pinterest is that you'll get a link back to your website, which can drive substantial traffic, depending on your niche.

automatically pin content