I asked ChatGPT to fix a nasty bug: broken images not showing up in Safari

I asked ChatGPT to fix a nasty bug in Safari. It worked

Recent changes in my website’s implementation, now serving WebP images by default to improve its loading speed, had caused a very nasty issue: all the images on my website were broken in Safari, none was showing up. 😢 Everything was fine in Chrome, Brave, FireFox and other browsers but when I tried to open my […]

How to create your own ChatGPT with OpenAI + Google Sheets + Kaggle Notebooks

your own ChatGPT with OPEN AI Google Sheets Kaggle

ChatGPT is all the rage. Everyone has started using the conversation AI interface released in November 2022 by OpenAI. While it provides a great UI for casual one-off conversations, it’s not the ideal environment if you want to process data in bulk. You can of course try to develop some form of browser automation but […]

The new face of music A&R in the age of big data.

music AR big data xxl

There used to be a time when A&R teams’ main sources of talents were live gigs in the small venues of the so-called “toilet circuit”. I remember attending with a friend a gig at the Barfly (now Camden Assembly) in the late 1990s and spotting a band called King of The Mountains (soon renamed Grand […]

SEO without AI tools is doomed to be an unequal fight


When you take some time analysis what Google AI is capable of, such a generating Wikipedia snippets by summarizing long text sequences (link to paper), you understand that the task of SEO specialists simply armed with guesswork is doomed to fail in an unequal fight. In this example, we’re not only talking about old-school extractive […]

The deceptively simple things AI can’t do today

artificial intelligence deceptively simple things AI cannot do xxl

Imagine you’d like to create a Pinterest-style search engine featuring 10,000 healthy vegan recipes from hundreds of different blogs. For each recipe, you want to grab the link to the publication, for the attribution, get a nice image, identify the main ingredients, source the nutritional data and craft a short description.   If you ask a […]

Should we be afraid of AI image generation?

0 AI will soon replace all jobs xxl

Yesterday morning my wife told me that the grey squirrel who’s frequently visiting our kitchen dared to venture as far as the living room and jumped on a shelf full of books 🐿 📚. I replied that it would be cool, if he did it again, to take a picture of him while he’d be […]