I asked ChatGPT to fix a nasty bug: broken images not showing up in Safari

I asked ChatGPT to fix a nasty bug in Safari. It worked

Recent changes in my website’s implementation, now serving WebP images by default to improve its loading speed, had caused a very nasty issue: all the images on my website were broken in Safari, none was showing up. 😢 Everything was fine in Chrome, Brave, FireFox and other browsers but when I tried to open my […]

Transform any website into an API with Python / BeautifulSoup

Transform any website into an API with Python BeautifulSoup

I love APIs. They’re an amazing source of data for all kinds of creative projects. But what if a website doesn’t provide an official API? Can you still collect some data programmatically on a regular basis? If you want to transform (almost) any public-facing website into an API, you can leverage the power of Python, […]

How to find related entities to expand your blog posts?

How to find related entities to expand your blog posts

When you’re writing an article, a good SEO practice is to cover the semantic field around the topic you’re addressing, i.e. broaden the scope of your research while staying on topic. You should include and develop relevant entities related to your subject. Using Google Search to find related queries & questions Let’s say for instance […]

How to create your own ChatGPT with OpenAI + Google Sheets + Kaggle Notebooks

your own ChatGPT with OPEN AI Google Sheets Kaggle

ChatGPT is all the rage. Everyone has started using the conversation AI interface released in November 2022 by OpenAI. While it provides a great UI for casual one-off conversations, it’s not the ideal environment if you want to process data in bulk. You can of course try to develop some form of browser automation but […]

How to start using Python on your Mac

Install run Python on your Mac

Despite the tremendous advances in the no-code scene, I’ve been noticing an interesting trend: more and more people want to start using Python to enhance their automation skills. I’ve already published a few tutorials explaining how to connect Python to Google Sheets or to WordPress but I thought it would be worth spending some time […]

How to connect Python to Google Sheets

Connect Python to Google Sheets

You might be using Make (formerly Integromat) – as I also do – to manage your sales & marketing automations. It’s a great no-code solution, for sure. But if you want to develop more sophisticated automation scenarios, you should explore Python. I started coding in Python a few months ago and I’m now using .py […]

How to drastically reduce the load on your Cloudways server

Reduce the load on your server

I’ve tried a lot of different WordPress hosting companies over the years (Gandi, Dreamhost, SiteGround,…) and Cloudways is by far the best in terms of server performance and customer service. You can reach a real competent human being (not only a bot) via their chat widget in less than 5 minutes 24 hours per day […]

How to convert Spotify track URLs into Spotify track embed codes

Spotify Embed Codes

Embedding Spotify tracks on your website is a great way to showcase the music of an artist. If you’re using WordPress, for instance with Elementor, you might have considered using EmbeddPress or another plugin to display a Spotify player. The issue is that, for some unclear reason, this solution sometimes breaks and fails to display […]