Chatfuel: the quickest way to create a simple Messenger bot.

Chatfuel easy software to create Facebook messenger bots

If you want to add a simple Messenger bot to your Facebook page, I invite you to check out Chatfuel.

I created a few interactive flows for my clients using their platform, based on simple decision trees. You could consider these simple bots "conversational websites".


I've just designed an onboarding bot to introduce my personal services (Call Me Fred), which you can access via this link. On mobile, you'll have to accept the invitation to open the link inside the Messenger app.



Creating a bot on Chatfuel is very easy. No coding skills required, just 1 or 2 hour(s) if you have a clear project in mind, and a basic sense of "conversational design".

Just set up your chat flow using building blocks.

You can actually create a rather advanced decision tree, mixing buttons attached to text blocks (which can lead to other blocks or to external URLs), fast replies (small buttons), image galleries (visual menus), etc.

There's a basic AI engine to create rules based on user input.

Bots can also be used as a conversational form engine to record data typed in by the users during the conversation (there's a plugin for that use case + you can record as a value all fast replies), which can be stored and sent to an email address.

A nice way to get an extra lead generation channel via the ubiquitous Facebook Messenger.

Make sure your conversation flows nicely, don't throw a blast of paragraphs at your readers (I've seen it in multiple bots).


TIP: use the 3-dot plugin to insert delays between the blocks and images you're adding to the thread, to give your readers enough time to digest your content, as if you were talking to them. Mix static images and animated gifs, with a dose of humour. It always works. Have fun!

Visit Chatfuel's website for more info.