Cloning a WordPress site from staging to production.

Easy way to clone a WordPress site

I've been designing WordPress websites for almost two years for a wide variety of clients. I always create the website on my own server before cloning it to my client's production environment, in a few minutes.

Until recently I've been using CMS Commander to handle the process but I've noticed that their requirements for cloning aren't met by a few hosting providers, incl., chosen by a few of my clients. Duplicator wasn't working either on's help desk advised me to check out Updraft, which did a perfect job cloning my client's website from staging to production, providing a clear view on the progress of the tasks (backup of the site to be cloned, transfer to the production environment & then backup restore, in a snap).

cloning migrator updraft

Updraft offers a very nice feature upon backup restore, Search & Replace, which ensures that the staging URL is replaced by the production URL everywhere in the database. Very handy if you have multiple internal links, buttons, etc.

If you want to use Updraft for cloning / migration purposes, you'll need to buy the cheap Migrator add-on, which is valid for an unlimited number of sites. I paid £23.4 for the basic license.

I also handle the daily backups of the production websites through Updraft.