41 examples of marketplaces built with Sharetribe.

Sharetribe is a service which enables you to easily create product- or service-oriented marketplaces. You may be wondering which types of marketplaces have been built using Sharetribe... Here's the answer.  

In order to find examples of marketplaces powered by Sharetribe, I searched for the procedure to connect a custom domain to a Sharetribe instance, which you can find here


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It shows you that both and are A records used in the DNS zone of Sharetribe marketplaces. 

If you search for these IP addresses on MyIP.ms, you'll easily find a list of marketplaces hosted by Sharetribe. 

Sharetribe marketplaces on

Here are some examples on, ranked by popularity (Alexa Ranking).

Examples of Sharetribe markeplaces
Examples of Sharetribe markeplaces on

Here are the screenshots of the home pages of the five first marketplaces. 

#1 https://www.huego.io/ Book Athletic Spaces. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Huego marketplace

#2 https://www.quibloo.com/ Probably a testing general purpose marketplace. It doesn't look very active. 

Quibloo marketplace sharetribe

#3 https://www.efravel.com/ Car sharing / free rental marketplace (owners looking for someone to drive their car from A to B vs travellers looking for a cheap / free way to travel from A to B).

efravel marketplace sharetribe

#4 https://www.gamedevmentors.com/ 1-on-1 game development mentoring.

Gamedevmentors sharetribe marketplace

#5 https://www.myhifi24.com/ Hi Fi products buy & sell marketplace

myhifi24 sharetribe marketplace

#1, Huego, according to MyIP.ms, would have (August 2019) a traffic of around 4,000 visitors per day. #5, MyHIFI24, < 200 visitors per day.

These are rather small numbers, reminding us - if needed - that the hard work of developing a marketplace starts when the website goes live.

You have to raise the awareness around the service, both on the demand and supply sides. In my opinion, the smartest project among the five examples listed above is probably Game Dev Mentors, focused on a very specific niche. It could attract a decent following. 

Bear in mind that some examples listed in the top 20 table no longer exist (e.g. ventring.com or gurutakeout.com). 

This one https://www.thequiver.com/, a marketplace to exchange surfboards and paddle boards, is listed by Sharetribe among its success stories. In early August 2019, it's ranked 2,185,169 on Alexa, which means it might have anywhere between 100 and 200 visitors per day.  

examples of sharetribe marketplaces

Sharetribe marketplaces on

Here are some examples on, ranked by popularity (Alexa Ranking).

Sharetribe marketplaces on

The traffic of the marketplaces on this IP starts slightly lower than the ones on

The first site of the table, https://www.bighomiemarketplace.com/, has around 1,350 visitors per day, according to MyIp.ms

BigHomie Marketplace Sharetribe

#2 https://www.littlexchanges.com/ generates around 900 visits per day. 
#3 https://www.helpondemand.global/ attracts around 200 visitors per day (or less).
#4 https://www.simplelots.com/ has around 200 daily users (or less).
#5 https://www.bookaprovider.com doesn't exist anymore...

This one https://www.rockndoze.com/ ranked #23 doesn't have a lot of traffic but the idea is interesting, even if it has a limited scope "a home sharing platform for touring musicians, bands and music fans".  It could be a sub-category on AirBnB... 

Marketplaces are undoubtedly a popular endeavour among online entrepreneurs but, as you can deduct from the rather small traffic numbers of all these examples, it's a very tough game. Be prepared to hustle to build a sizeable audience! 

You can find a lot of other examples in this list compiled by the team at ThinkBox: https://thinkbox.io/?ref=producthunt#sharetribeexamples 

Share in the comments below what you think about the marketplace opportunity in general and the keys to build a successful marketplace, on Sharetribe or on another platform.