How to augment Pipedrive data using Zapier and Google Sheets

I recently suggested to one of my clients to automate a series of emails depending on the stage reached by a deal in a Pipedrive pipeline. I'm using Zapier to trigger these emails. But I faced a little issue...

I wanted to insert the personal phone number of the sales rep in charge of the deal in my automated emails, to invite prospects to call them back via their direct line. Unfortunately, as I'm writing these lines, in Pipedrive, there's no field to attach a phone number to a sales rep on the page /users/index of your dashboard.

So how did I do it?

I created a Google Spreadsheet with 2 columns, the first one being the email of the sales rep and the second one his/her personal phone number.

augment pipedrive data using zapier

Then I inserted a step in my zap (lookup spreadsheet row). It basically searches for the email of the sales rep (the USER ID EMAIL of the deal owner in Pipedrive terms)

augment pipedrive data using zapier

I also added a 1-min delay, just to be sure that Zapier caught the new variable from the spreadsheet. Note: you can add as many columns as you want to your rows, if you need extra variables for customization purposes.

Then I was able to use the phone number variable from the intermediate lookup step in my automated email, which I sent from a dedicated Gmail address (sender name = Sales rep, reply email address = Sales rep's email).