Thanks to a long piece by Neil Patel (I’m giving him a nice backlink in return ;-)), I’ve just discovered Google Correlate, a great tool to find strong correlations between search terms.This app has apparently been around for years (it’s an extension of Google Trends, in reverse mode) but I never heard about it, shame on me. Basically it shows you over time which search terms correlate with a specific query (or with your own dataset).

It’s a great resource for keyword research and also a nice angle to come up with potential product and/or blog post ideas.

Imagine you’re manufacturing and selling tote bags.

Here are the correlations over a period of 6 weeks in the US.

correlations between search terms Google

Particularly interesting IMO are event venues, party hall, party venues. You could write a long form blog post explaining why tote bags are amazing gifts for party / event organizers.

Now let’s say that you’re selling sneakers.

correlations between search terms google

There’s a strong correlation with… pink color. Nice tip 😉

correlations between search terms pink color sneakers

Have fun in your search for strong correlations between search terms!

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