If you consider launching an e-commerce venture, you should check out the most popular Shopify websites. Here’s a quick way to find them.

Go to https://myip.ms/ and type in the main Shopify IP address which is used by all webmasters connecting Shopify to their domain (via an A record):

Then click on Other sites on IP to see all the websites using the Shopify platform (total as I’m writing these lines = 84,224 websites).

most popular shopify websites

You’ll see the full leaderboard at https://myip.ms/browse/sites/1/ipID/ 

Websites are ranked using Alexa by Amazon.

The first site myshopify.com = Shopify itself. Here are the 20 most popular Shopify websites (July 1, 2018).

most popular shopify websites

According to another competitive intelligence provider, Similarweb, Colourpop.com, currently THE most popular Shopify website, a platform selling makeup products, had approximately 4M visits in May 2018.

colourpop most popular shopify website

With 2450 URLs indexed on Google.

colourpop most popular shopify website

If you read my article explaining how to spy on your competitors’ advertising on Facebook, you know how to find out which ads Colourpop is currently running on the blue network.
Simply go to https://www.facebook.com/pg/ColourPopCosmetics/ads/?country=1

Here’s an example.

colourpop facebook advertising

Have fun researching the most popular Shopify websites. It’s a great source of inspiration for your potential e-commerce ventures.

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