How to fix a time issue when using Pipedrive with Zapier?

How to fix a time issue when using Pipedrive with Zapier

If you're using Pipedrive with Zapier and want, for instance, to send a text message via ClickSend to remind a customer of a forthcoming appointment, you might notice a very annoying difference between the time you selected for the meeting, displayed in Pipedrive's calendar, AND the time used inside of Zapier, transferred to all the apps configured as Actions in your zap. I'm going to tell you how to fix a time issue when using Pipedrive with Zapier.

On the surface, Pipedrive is by default synced with your computer's internal clock.

For instance if you're in London, UK, this is what you'll see in your personal settings on Pipedrive (settings/personal/profile):

pipedrive time settings timezone time issue

Now let's imagine you set a meeting via Activities in Pipedrive at 14:00 (London time) within 2 days.  It will look like this.

time issue pipedrive

Then, still in Pipedrive, you create an activity filter where Activity Subject equals Meeting.

activity subject meeting pipedrive time issue when using Pipedrive with Zapier

This will be the trigger of your zap (based on an activity filter).

activity filter zapier pipedrive

The problem is that the time fetched behind the scenes by Zapier from Pipedrive will, in our example, be 12:00 instead of 14:00 even if your Zap settings are correctly defined as GMT LONDON.


Because Pipedrive uses UTC internally for all recorded times. And transfers times in UTC format to Zapier, which then transfers the data to any other app.

So if I connect ClickSend as an action to my Zap and use the time provided by Pipedrive for the next meeting, the confirmation SMS will indicate 12:00 instead of 14:00 (as I'm writing these lines, in July).

Too bad...

Fortunately there's a quick way to fix this: Zapier Formatter.

You have to insert a Zapier Date/Time formatter between the initial trigger AND the action(s).

Since I also need to format the DATE provided by Pipedrive (which is a separate piece of data), I use 2 date/time formatters in a row,

the first one to convert my DATE and the second one to convert the TIMEZONE.

date format conversion zapier pipedrive
Formatter 1: Pipedrive date format conversion


timezone conversion zapier pipedrive time issue when using Pipedrive with Zapier
Formatter 2: Pipedrive timezone conversion


Then I simply use the converted DATE and TIME outputs from Zapier Formatter in my dynamic ClickSend message .

And it works like a charm!

I hope this tip will help you if you're facing time issues when using Pipedrive with Zapier. It will also apply to any other app using UTC time formatting for internal purposes.