Following all the recent data-related scandals, Facebook has just introduced a new feature enabling anyone to see which ads are run by any business page on Facebook. 

The original purpose is to increase the transparency of Facebook’s advertising powerhouse for the end-users but it’s also an amazing tool to spy on your competitors’ advertising, to find some inspiration 😉

You can access the feature on each business page via the sidebar (on desktop). Let’s give an example for Facebook itself, via their UK Marketing Page.

spy on competitors advertising facebook

Here are 2 examples of the ad creatives you will encounter in your Facebook feed if you’re targeted by Facebook Marketing UK.

spy on competitors advertising on facebook

spy on competitors advertising on facebook

If you have a list of competitors’ pages compiled in a spreadsheet, it’s very easy to have a look at their current Facebook ads by tweaking the URL (you don’t need to go through all the pages sidebars).

The structure is always the same:

You simply insert the page name after pg/ and adapt the country code. 1 = US, 2 = CANADA, 3 = UK, 4 = AUSTRALIA, 5 = CHINA, etc.

Facebook won’t give you in these lists the view count for videos. But if you’re curious, there’s an easy way to find out.

Simply right-click on the video and you’ll get the video URL.

Go to this URL. Then look for EMBED next to FOLLOW. And voilà, you’ll see the amount of views 😉

spy on competitors advertising on facebook

spy on competitors advertising on facebook

If you select the option to INCLUDE FULL POST in the embed dialog you’ll even see the amount of reactions / comments / shares. A great way to know what’s resonating with your competitors’ audience.

Here’s an example for Canva.

spy on competitors advertising on Facebook

Have fun spying on your competitors’ advertising on Facebook.

But be aware that this method is obviously transparent in both directions: everyone can now spy on your own ad creatives.

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