How to spy on your competitors' advertising on Facebook

How to spy on your competitors on Facebook

Following all the recent data-related scandals, Facebook introduced a new feature enabling anyone to see which ads are run by any business page on Facebook.

Update: a few months ago there used to be a link called INFO & ADS at the bottom of each Facebook page's side bar. It's not there any more. 

Now if you want to see which ads are run by a specific Facebook page, you have to head to Facebook Ad Library at

There you'll type in the name of the page you're looking for, e.g. Facebook Business

And you'll see all the ads they are running, for each territory.

ads run by Facebook on Facebook spy on competitors
Examples of ads run by Facebook Business, found in Facebook Ad Library

It used to be easy to see the view count for each video, even the likes and other reactions but Facebook has de-activated a few access features.

Nevertheless, you can use another free service to go into more details, it's called BigSpy (and is not endorsed by Facebook).

You will even have direct access to the URL of the ads, e.g.

Detailed info for each Facebook ad on BigSpy

Have fun spying on your competitors' Facebook ads.