Live streaming can be a way for creators & performers to earn a living when forced to stay at home 

Live streaming for performers

We've recently seen a lot of concerts and other events cancelled due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Actors, musicians and other performers, who are usually independent workers living off gig wages are hugely impacted by these sudden cancellations. 

Live streaming performances from home or from a rehearsal studio can be a way for them to offset part of the wages lost due to this lockdown. 

I've compiled in a long article the equipment which can be used for advanced multicamera live streaming on multiple platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, etc). If you don't need or can't afford such a sophisticated setup, you can start with a smaller configuration, using a high quality webcam, good LED lighting and a USB microphone. 

Here are three products which together cost less than EUR 400 excl. VAT:

Live streaming & screen recording for creators, consultants and teachers

Creators, consultants and teachers can also use live streaming and screen recording to share and monetize their knowledge when they're working remotely. The affordable setup described in the previous section is perfect for them. 

For screen recording purposes (e.g. to record a course or a tutorial), I invite you to check out Loom, which is an amazing tool to easily record your screen activity, with or without showing your face at the bottom of the screen capture, and share the output in a snap, a few seconds after the end of the recording, which is much faster than capture your screen with a desktop app and upload the recording on Youtube. Loom's quality is outstanding and the process frictionless. 

Professional multicamera live streaming service in London 

If you're looking for help to offer a professional multicamera performance live streamed from a location in central London - UK, I invite you to discover the service I've been offering since early 2019. We can either organize a free live stream on multiple platforms or use a ticketing solution to monetize your performance. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information.