My basic lead generation stack for SMBs

my lead generation stack for SMB

I'm often asked about the tools I'm using to create lead generation campaigns for my SMB clients. Here's a quick visual overview of my basic lead generation stack for SMBs.

lead generation stack SMB

Zapier is the central pivot of the whole system, used both to feed data into the CRM and messaging platforms AND to update user attributes (+ trigger notifications) + Facebook custom audiences. I'm not using HubSpot messaging features which are part of their premium marketing / sales suites, only the free CRM. In terms of email broadcasts & automation, my preference goes to SendInBlue, much cheaper than Mailchimp for SMB users. At the lead capture stage, I use a mix of WordPress (Divi theme + FormCraft form builder), Typeform and Chatfuel. Sometimes I send leads to a Trello kanban board, which can be easier to handle for non-tech staff members for basic follow up purposes. I also like to send the raw data to a Google spreadsheet, which allows me to further manipulate the data using pivot tables and other tools available in Google sheets. If you're not using a WP landing page or a chatbot and focus your efforts on Typeform, please note that they've just added Google Sheets and HubSpot native integrations (which can skip the Zapier pivot). But I like to keep my process consistent with Zapier at the crossroads of all data movements. Note: I'm also using Pipedrive CRM for some clients (in real estate), in conjunction with ClickSend and SendInBlue.

If you have questions or want to launch a lead generation campaign for your own SMB don't hesitate to book a call via my Calendly scheduler.