Native video advertising on Facebook: the best way to optimize your targeting.

Advertising on Facebook is all about refining your targeting. Native video advertising can help. Here's how to drastically improve the conversion of your ad sets by leveraging the power of video ads.

Create a video (at least 1 min long) which gives some background about your company and explains the ownership benefits of your product / service + ideally includes customer testimonial(s).

Create a dark video post (dark = which won't appear on your page feed), via the PAGE POSTS section of CREATE & MANAGE in BUSINESS MANAGER.

I like to start with a dark post because it enables me to easily re-use the same post for further ad sets, keeping the social proof (likes, comments, shares) and the view count.

native video advertising on Facebook
native video advertising on Facebook

In the "post text" section, write a 2-line enticing copy including a link leading to your pre-sell or offer page. Choose "only use this post for an ad", then CREATE POST.

Copy the post ID, you'll need it to create your first ad.

You can also select the video and choose CREATE AD from the ACTIONS drop down but I've noticed a bug (the ad creation page doesn't always load...).

native video advertising Facebook

3° Via Ads Manager, create a VIDEO VIEWS campaign. Start with a rather broad interest-based targeting. At the AD CREATIVE level, paste the POST ID.

native video advertising facebook

In terms of budget, invest enough money to generate a few thousand views. You can get views as cheap as "0.01" (EUR / USD / GBP). So for 10K views, you probably need between 100 and 200 € $ £. It could be less if your video goes viral. If you can invest more, don't hesitate since it will give you a larger base of viewers to generate first a custom audience and later a lookalike audience.

4° After accumulating enough views, head to the AUDIENCES section of BUSINESS MANAGER and create a new CUSTOM AUDIENCE based on ENGAGEMENT on VIDEOS.

native video advertising facebook
native video advertising facebook

I suggest to select "people who have watched at least 50% of your video". Basically what it means is that you will create an audience consisting of people who have genuinely engaged with your video content. For instance, if your video is 2' long, these people will have spent at least 1' in a one-on-one relationship with your brand, which is a strong segmentation attribute.

native video advertising facebook

Choose the video you've just promoted and finalize the custom audience.

It will take a while to be populated, then it will be available in your custom audiences provided it's large enough (at least 500 people, hence the need to rack up several thousands of views before creating the audience).

Bear in mind that your custom audience might be too restrictive to create further campaigns (you won't have a lot of distribution with 500 people).

So what you should do is create a LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE 1% based on this CUSTOM AUDIENCE. And use the lookalike audience for further ad targeting.

(if you have tens of thousands of views, you can obviously use the custom audience on its own for retargeting purposes).

By using this approach for lead generation campaigns, I've noticed a drop in conversion cost of up to 50% compared to traditional interest-based saved audiences. Worth the effort ;-)