Optimise your outreach workflow using Google and BuzzStream

Perfect outreach tool BuzzStream

I've recently started using BuzzStream to create prospecting lists for outreach purposes. A great tool. But the question remains: how do you source the contacts? How do you phrase your search queries to launch an efficient prospection?

Google is a great place to start. Because it indexes all the content of blog posts and website pages. So the only thing you have to do is figure out the best queries to scrape relevant contacts.

Say you're trying to find bloggers and potentially business partners for your CRM SaaS business. Type "It's a great CRM" (between quotes) in the Google Search bar. Ignore the Google ads, focus on the organic results. You'll get a nice list of publications which reviewed CRM software + obviously a few CRM vendors (you can exclude most of them by adding -"our CRM" and/or -"our product" to your query (note: no space after the "-" sign) ).

Use the Buzzmarker (BuzzSumo browser extension) to create a prospecting list. Exclude the vendors if you need to, then review the sites and when BuzzStream doesn't find contacts, add emails using Hunter.io browser extension. The websites and the attached contacts will be added to a BuzzStream project. Then you simply have to reach out to these people using one of your templates.

using Google and BuzzStream
using Google and BuzzStream