Please supply your marketing partner with authentic inputs.

authentic inputs in marketing

Even the best marketers in the world cannot act on their own when it comes to producing quality content on behalf of their clients, i.e. content which will resonate with the target audience and truly move the needle.

It's crucial to supply your marketing partner with frequent authentic inputs, at least on a weekly basis.

As client, your weekly contributions should include:

  • quality still images (not blurry low light pictures), incl. 360° images which perform well both on Google Maps and Facebook. You don't have to buy an expensive DSLR or have an in-house professional photographer but please pay attention to the basic quality of your shots (light, framing, attitude of the people on the picture ("smile!")).
  • short videos (your marketing partner can help with (post)production but you should supply a regular feed of quality footage), including an introduction of the product / service by the founders / key employees, presentation of the premises, customers' testimonials, etc. If your business lends itself to cinematic outdoor shooting, contract someone who can provide drone footage (or buy a small drone and DIY). You can also film 360° movies with affordable consumer grade cameras. You can shoot very nice videos with a good smartphone or a tablet but always use an external microphone if you interview someone, to deliver a good sound quality. It only costs a few quids on Amazon. You can even buy a double microphone, with 2 heads, one for the interviewer and one for the interviewee.
  • relevant & recent data. About your business, about the industry as a whole, about your positioning in the market. Relevant data will help your marketing partner craft infographics, blog posts, snack visual content (quotes,...)
  • breaking news: new products/services, openings, promotions, special events,... Anything which can help your marketing partner produce fresh editorial content.
  • any relevant info which can help your partner create non generic content: founders background & vision, inspiration, pain points you solve better than your competitors, tips you can share with your audience (like the ones I'm publishing on this blog re: digital marketing)

To create quality content,
your marketer needs authentic inputs.

You want to avoid at all costs the typical generic - boring - social media content, only driven by seasons, holidays, inspirational quotes and stock imagery. Your authentic inputs should give a genuine personality to your communication, reflecting the idiosyncrasies of your company.