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The new face of music A&R in the age of big data.

There used to be a time when A&R teams’ main sources of talents were live gigs in the small venues of the so-called “toilet circuit”. I remember attending with a friend a gig at the Barfly (now Camden Assembly) in the late 1990s and spotting a band called King of The Mountains (soon renamed Grand Atlantic). I fell in love with their music and decided to bring them over to Belgium for a few gigs. Our business relationship didn’t go beyond this series of showcases but it’s the impulsive way things were done 20+ years ago.  read more…

Please supply your marketing partner with authentic inputs.

Even the best marketers in the world cannot act on their own when it comes to producing quality content on behalf of their clients, i.e. content which will resonate with the target audience and truly move the needle.

It’s crucial to supply your marketing partner with frequent authentic inputs, at least on a weekly basis. read more…

How to set up Google Universal App Campaigns

If you’re looking for a premium alternative to Facebook for app install campaigns, I suggest to explore Google UAC (Universal App Campaigns). Your ads will be distributed on the Search, Display and Youtube networks.

Pro: it’s quite easy to set up. Con: it’s a blackbox, based on an in-house algorithm which you can’t easily fine tune. Let’s see how to create your Google UAC campaigns. read more…

How to be notified when someone clicks on a link in your email campaigns?

I regularly send email campaigns on behalf of my clients. If you’ve read my recent piece about email marketing, you probably know that I switched from Mailchimp to SendinBlue (except for this blog’s mailing list which is leveraging the RSS feature of Mailchimp, coming soon on SendinBlue). Recently, five minutes before sending out a newsletter, a client asked me whether he could be notified when someone clicked on a link in the email. The function isn’t available off-the-shelf in SendinBlue (for standard campaigns) but I figured out a quick way to do it using Zapier (and Mandrill). read more…

Add the perfect search engine to your WordPress website (spoiler: Algolia).

The default search engine you’ll get from WordPress is decent. It does the job but it’s not that great. If you’re familiar with smooth autocomplete search forms, you expect more than the old school “hit search” which displays a bunch of results in a static list. Introducing Algolia, a product focused on providing an outstanding search UX (disclaimer: it’s not a paid feature, I’m a real fan ;-)).  read more…

How to properly declare events for analytical purposes?

Properly declaring events in your app / website is a crucial step to get the most out of your user-centric analytics solution (Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Kochava, Amplitude, FB / Google – Firebase Analytics,…). You have to dedicate enough time and resources to create an efficient tracking plan. read more…

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