The perfect stack for outreach campaigns.

the perfect stack for outreach campaigns ahrefs hunter mailshake reply

You may wonder how I'm building quality backlinks for my clients' websites and for my own projects for SEO purposes. I'm deploying a very simple hustling method using 3 amazing tools for my outreach campaigns.

outreach campaigns call me fred
outreach campaigns call me fred
outreach campaigns call me fred

1° I'm checking competitors' backlinks using I particularly like their "new referring domains" section which shows the freshest backlinks pointing to my competitors' websites.

I'm looking for quality publishers (blogs & other news outlets) with a DR (ahrefs domain rating) of at least 35/40. When I spot something which looks interesting, I check out the website and try to find an email contact.

2° I'm using to find email addresses. You simply paste a domain into their search box and it retrieves emails found on the internet for that domain. There's a confidence rating attached to each result. I'm usually double checking the identity of the email owners before adding them to my outreach tool.

3° You could obviously send emails the old-fashioned way using Gmail or Outlook but it's better to set up your outreach campaigns using a dedicated tool.

I've signed up on Mailshake which offers you the possibility to set up emails campaigns and add recipients on the fly for emails sent via your Gmail account (that way they don't land in the promo tab of gmail). There's a daily limit which depends on your Gmail quota but it's more than enough for laser focused hustling. It's a very affordable SaaS: $9 per month per user.

Each time I find a new email, I add it to the recipients list of a campaign and every 10 emails I upload a new batch of contacts which are automatically added to the campaign, which can consist of a drip of multiple messages with triggering rules based on the campaign's activity (e.g. did the recipient of the original email click on a specific link?). No need to copy-paste messages, create a new email, you just upload new recipients and voilà!

Mailshake gives you a detailed report of opened emails, clicks and potential replies, which you simply handle via your Gmail account. So simple!

Want me to help you set up & manage your outreach campaigns? Simply get in touch via the form on my homepage.