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Discover what a domain ranks for - SEO

If you're following my blog, you've probably read that I've tested most of the SEO services on the market: Ahrefs, Semrush, Spyfu, Moz,... These tools are great if you want an in-depth view of a domain's organic footprint to craft your own SEO strategy. But what about a quick glance? At the bus stop...

I've just tested a bot developed by Hubspot's founder-CTO, Dharmesh Shah: Growthbot. You can add it to Slack or launch it in Messenger. It offers a range of sales & marketing commands (and can be integrated with Hubspot). Here are a few hints, from the bot's persistent menu.


As far as SEO is concerned, I've played with the second command: what keywords does xxx rank for? And I got instantly a reply with 10 relevant keywords.


This may seem trivial but it's one of the first examples I've encountered of a high value use case where a Messenger bot has a clear UX advantage, giving you instant access to actionable data. You can even use a shorter query, like keywords xxx ranking and it will do  the job in a breeze.

I also love the RSS reader which is embedded in Growthbot. See for instance:

show me the last posts growthbot

And also the sales tools. Look at this.

sales tools growthbot

This is what you get when you invest time and efforts in a product. Kudos Dharmesh! Check out to give it a try. It's just the beginning, I can't wait to see how we'll be able to leverage smart bots in our sales / marketing efforts in the near future. I can definitely see Bot-to-bot commerce happening in the next 2 years.