Three things I check when I'm told about a website.

3 things I always check on a website

On a daily basis, I'm reading articles and I receive emails from friends, clients and prospects introducing me to a myriad of web services. Here are three things I check when I'm told about a website.

1° How many individual pages are indexed on Google?

Very easy to do. Just type in Google search bar (replace by the site to analyse) and you'll get a list of all the indexed URLs. It gives you an idea of how much content has been added to the site. Marketplaces and news services will usually return huge numbers (I've just checked = 267,000,000 results!).

It's a nice way to compare two competitors. = 12,100,000 results = 5,560,000 results

2° What's the traffic's estimate according to Similarweb? 

(simply replace the end of the URL by the domain you're researching) = 34M visits in Feb 2017 = 7.6M visits in Feb 2017

3° For how many keywords does it rank in Google's top 100 results according to ahrefs? = 2.9M keywords:

three things I check = 236,000 keywords:

three things I check