What are binge watchers searching for on Google?

Traditional TV broadcastsers, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney and many other streaming platforms are attracted legions of binge watchers consuming hours of serialized content in a row.

But what are the specific seasons they're actively searching for on Google? 

Let's head over to our tool of choice, ahrefs, to find out.

I typed "season" in the keyword explorer, for Google USA, and here's what I came across: 

9,103,961 keywords containing the "season" head term. 

The most popular query is by far rick and morty season 3 with 801,000 searches per month. 

Followed by two seasons of Game Of Thrones, Season 8 and Season 7. 

Then we have a Manga series, One Punch Man (Season 2).

Stranger Things is a very popular Amercian science fiction horror series produced by Netflix. Its third season is currently the most popular one on Google USA.

Neither Fall season nor Summer season have anything to do with binge watching ;-)

We've got another Manga, Attack on titan, Season 3.

I let you discover the rest of the list, where you'll find plenty of additional occurences of Rick And Morty, definitely the most popular series across all formats at the moment.

The list is also a clear testimony of the popularity of comics & cartoons.