What do people want to know after 40 years old?

At time of writing I'm 46. Earlier today, through the infinite maze of Tim Berners Lee's worldwide web, I came across a niche authority website branded "Fabulous after 40". And as I usually do I had a quick look at their numbers on ahrefs. 

Nice Domain Rating, 47, large amount of referring domains (2140) and a long list of organic keywords ranking in Google Top 100 (more than 130,000). I was curious: what do people want to know after they turn 40? So I typed "after 40 years old" into the Keywords Explorer window. And here's what I discovered. 

Pregnancy after 40 years old

The first topic of interest for people turning 40 is pregnancy / conception. 

Can you get pregnant / conceive after 40 years old? What are the signs of pregnancy after 40 years old? Can you give birth after 40 years old? Women also want to know more about their periods / menstrual cycle after 40 years old and also, when a pregnancy doesn't go as planned, sadly, about miscarriage after 40 years old. 

Diet and exercise after 40 years old

When you turn 40 it's much more difficult to lose weight. Each piece of chocolate increments the numbers on your bathroom scale, each beer adds a layer to your belly. So most people, men and women alike, search for actionable tips about diet and exercice after 40 years old.

Loss of sight is also an issue after years glaring at computer screens. So 40-plus people search for answers re: vision after 40. There are also all sorts of other health conditions in this list: asthma after 40, sensible nipples after 40, light bleeding after sex after 40 years old, etc. And of course women want to know how to get a facelift after 40. What else?

Success after 40 years old

It's not just about late pregnancy, bad vision or sensitive nipples. People also want to know how to be successful in their life after 40. It can be a great time for a career change. Some people consider signing up for a MBA, others think of joining a startup. 

Strange queries "... after 40 years old"

There are also some weird niche queries in the list dominated by periods, pregnancy and fitness research, such as 

I'm 40 years old, what to do after you realize you might be transsexual. Well, that's an interesting question... 

Is it possible my feet grew after 40 years old? Maybe, who knows...

Can you juggle after 40 years old? There's no age to run away & join the circus! 

Are you also more than 40 years old? What are you thinking about? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.