What is the hottest organic app on Zapier?

hottest organic app on Zapier

Zapier.com mainly ranks on Google via its blog & learn sections, packed with great insights and actionable advice. But what about the apps in the integrations directory? 

I've just run a quick search on ahrefs, limiting the results to the /apps folder (where you'll find all the 3000+ apps registered on the platform). 

Discord automations on Zapier
Discord automations on Zapier

To be honest, I didn't expect the result. I would have though Google Sheets, Slack or Trello would top the rankings. 

Discord is all over the place: Trello Discord Bot, Discord Twitter Bot, Steam Discord, Soundcloud Discord Bot, Discord Youtube Bot, Spotify on Discord, etc. People want to automate all sorts of media and creative workflows via Discord and Zapier. 

This is confirmed by the presence of Discord among the 10 most popular apps on Zapier.

Top 10 most popular apps on Zapier incl Discord
Top 10 most popular apps on Zapier incl Discord

So if you're developing a SaaS it might be worth thinking about ways to integrate it with Discord, via Zapier, Integromat or another no-code automation enabler. Today Discord is much more than a chatting app for gamers! 

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