When will local pubs reopen? (corollary: "beer delivery")

When will pubs reopen

When will pubs be allowed to reopen in the UK?

If you're curious about the breakout trends on Google Search since the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020, well, here in the UK, a lot of them are related to the latest forecast re: the expected reopening date of pubs and restaurants. People are impatient to find their way back to boozing in social spaces, even with some distancing. 

If we believe the latest announcements by the UK government, it won't be before early July 2020 (there are some recent reports saying that it could be as soon as June 22). The corollary is that disgruntled partygoers are actively searching for alternatives, incl. "local beer delivery": they're bringing the pub home! 

What's the increase in "alcohol delivery" Google searches in the UK? 

Londoners have made 1,232% more web searches for alcohol delivery than this time in 2019. In Edinburgh and Glasgow, the increase was even higher: +2,127% and +2,100% respectively compared to last year. 

As you can see on this graph from Google Trends, it seems that the peak in "beer delivery" searches corresponded to the peak of the epidemic in the UK, in early April. We notice the same trend for "alcohol delivery". After April 4, it felt probably easier to visit your local Sainsbury's or Tesco to grab a 6-pack of beers or a couple of Pinot Grigio bottles. Or maybe home drinkers have simply found their favourite supplier.

Overall alcohol sales are up by 67% compared with pre-lockdown numbers, which is significant! Many people have increased their alcohol consumption at home as a consequence of isolation. Not a smart move... this could have a long lasting effect on public health. 

Fortunately "pub reopening" and "alcohol delivery" aren't the only booming searches in lockdown. 

Video conferencing (Zoom, Skype,...), remote learning and all sorts of recipes are also on the rise since people now sheltered in place have to develop new ways to work and/or keep themselves busy in the comfort of their home. "How to bake cookies" seems to be the most popular baking-related Google search. 

"Mental health" is also a popular topic when a lot of people are dealing with anxiety and stress caused by the pandemics, some of them unfortunately relying on alcohol to improve their spirits. 

Coming full circle?