Why do we fall down the internet rabbit hole? 

internet rabbit hole

There are three main ways of falling into a rabbit hole when you’re browsing the internet.



The worldwide web, as envisioned by Sir Tim Berners Lee, is structured around a network of hyperlinks, leading from one property to the other. Once you start clicking on links, you’re in for a long ride.

related posts

Call them “recommendations”, “suggestions”, “you may also like” or “you may also be interested in”… These ubiquitous grids which appear at the bottom of each post have only one wicked goal: reducing bounce by luring you into an endless consumption of content.

infinite scroll swipe

infinite scroll / swipe

You came in for a specific piece of information but there’s more in store. Start scrolling, swipe up and you’ll be experiencing the magic of infinity. Be careful though, it’s addictive. Next thing you know, you’ll have spent hours tapping aimlessly on your screen.